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Gays target Target

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The “controversy” over Target’s political donation to a group that supports a Minnesota gubernatorial candidate opposed to gay marriage has bubbled up to the Washington Post’s front page.  The short story is that after liberal and gay agenda groups found out about the donation, they quickly started pressuring Target with threats of boycotts and protests.

Unfortunately, Target — which apparently has fashioned itself as the leftist’s alternate to Wal-Mart — quickly caved.  Target’s CEO issued an apologetic letter and vowed that the company would more closely review future donations.

This episode is a sorry example of how the gay agenda machine has successfully whipped corporations in the same way that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton made a living shaking down companies who didn’t meet their definition of “diverse.”  The ridiculous thing about the Target situation is that most Americans don’t support gay marriage, as has been repeatedly revealed in state referenda on the issue as well as in opinion polls.  But because ordinary Americans generally aren’t as strident and well-organized as gay pressure groups and the left, companies like Target go scrambling out of fear that a tiny but vocal minority will drum up some bad press.

It’s too bad Target’s CEO didn’t show a little more backbone.  He should have flipped the gay smear groups the proverbial bird and stuck to his guns — and the law, which thanks to the Citizens United case decided earlier this year, allows companies to make such political donations.  The fact that Target chose to grovel before a very narrow, extremist pressure groups is a sad indictment of society’s condition.


Written by The Parse

August 19, 2010 at 7:34 pm