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Will Obama Wake Up?

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Interesting piece by Jay Cost over at RealClearPolitics about what Obama does now after getting b—- slapped by the Bay State last night.

Does he continue to do the same thing, hoping against hope that somehow, someway doing the same-old same-old will yield a different result? Or does he recognize that he has made mistakes, try to learn from them, and ultimately make adaptations?

Early White House response indicates a “stay the course” tack.  Funny, wasn’t Bush lambasted by libs for a similar posture?  Not the same issue at stake, I know, but still.

Cost says that at this point, there’s no way to know what Obama will do since he has such a puny political history.  His advice?

Let’s hope that this untested, young, inexperienced fellow the country elevated to the highest office in the land has the good sense to recognize the message the Bay State sent last night, to understand that messages of similar intensity will be sent in November, and to direct his staff to make necessary changes.

I actually hope none of this happens because Obama would likely be toast in 2012 if he continues on his current path.  Part of me thinks that this administration, from The One on down, is so deeply entrenched in a left-wing view of the world and this country, they really still believe that the electorate is leftist and wants his big-government statism.  They are so firmly encased in the idea that the country is still mad at Bush and that it’s their job to be the anti-Bush at every turn, they will fail to notice that the country is shifting to anti-Obama.  If they want to survive, it’s time for the hardliners in the White House to turn off the M(es)SNBC echo chamber and take a peek at the real world.  But, again, if Scott Brown’s victory won’t breach their cocoon, nothing will.


Written by The Parse

January 20, 2010 at 12:53 pm

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