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Obama says the Senate shouldn’t take any more health care votes until Brown is seated.  He seems to be acknowledging that the American people don’t want this garbage in its current form…but I’m skeptical of his motives.

Ultimately Obama may be trying to appear bipartisan and conciliatory so that the bills are modified to the point that maybe a Collins or Snowe (or Brown?) can be picked off to support them.  Remember, Snowe voted to advance the bill out of committee, while voting against it in the full Senate.  Not sure how much modifying would need to be done to get her or another Repub to cross over, but whatever the final product is it would likely still be bad.

Obama seems to be re-positioning in order to salvage his prized initiative, even if it means giving up more than he (and Congressional leftists) would have had to give up before Brown’s win.  Not sure that any of this will work out in the end, but one thing’s for certain: the bills in their current form are dead.

UPDATE: If Obama is re-positioning, it isn’t by much.  This WP story on the same Obama/ABC interview seems to emphasize that it’s still full-steam ahead.  He still wants something to get jammed through, probably with some minor changes that he and other Dems can tout as big-time compromise and bipartisanship.

“We can cut and run, which I think will be devastating to the country,” O advisor David Plouffe said. “Or we can get this done, and instead of having a caricature of a health-care plan we can get it done and go out there and explain it.”  (Yes, he said “cut and run.”  And isn’t it interesting it needs to be explained afterward?  How about explaining it before it’s passed?)

They still are in denial that the Bay State Backlash was driven primarily by the health care issue.  It’s not that we want your health care “reform” but only in a slightly different configuration, morons.  We want the whole think obliterated and a do-over with narrow, targeted measures that actually focus on the main problem: rising costs.  A few modifications to the current plans won’t sufficiently stifle the anger that led to last night’s election result.


Written by The Parse

January 20, 2010 at 3:47 pm

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