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Mass. Senate Race

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Obviously the big story right now is whether a previously unknown Republican can take Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat in Blue Mass.  I’ve tried to keep my hopes tamped down; I never underestimate the commonwealth’s ability to continually elect idiots (ref. Frank, Barney and Kerry, John).  It will be a miracle if Brown wins and even more of a miracle if he is able to play a role in killing the Dems’ health care debacle.

Look for the Dems to ram the bill through if Brown wins.  Pelosi will be whipping her herd hard, telling them this is the last chance and they had better just vote for the Senate version or be on the wrong (actually right) side of “history.”  Other changes can be made later; in fact, that was a central principle of the health care rdeform efforts.  Just get the infrastructure in place for government-administered medicine and we can add on to it later.

If Brown wins and kills it, he will instantly be a superstar among Republicans.  Unfortunately for him, he’d still be a Republican Senator from Massachusetts, which means despite his heroic status among conservatives, he might not get re-elected in two years if the Dems actually run a decent candidate.  Again, the ability of the commonwealth to repeatedly elect idiots is astounding (ref. Kennedy, Edward).


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