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America to Obama: Don’t change health care

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A new Rasmussen poll reveals that nearly two-thirds of Americans are against a health care plan that would force them to change their coverage.  In reality, Barack Obama’s proposed overhaul of the health care system would ultimately push people into a government-run plan, but the subterfuge of it is that it wouldn’t force them to switch.  Obama has proposed creating a government plan on par with the coverage members of Congress receive.  He says people can choose to keep their own coveage, or sign up for the taxpayer-funded option.  Gee, I wonder what people are going to do when they realize the government plan has better coverage and costs less (because somebody else is paying for it).

This is the heart and soul of Obamaism: incremental shifts to the left that are sufficiently camouflaged to prevent most people from realizing it.

Perhaps a more interesting finding of the poll is that  “68% of Americans rated health care in this country as fair or poor, but a near identical number (69%) gave good or excellent marks to their own health insurance coverage and were very reluctant to change it.”

In other words, people generally like their own health care, but believe that everyone else hates theirs.  Could it be that they got this opinion from constant leftwing media coverage of health care issues that cherry picks someone in an extreme hardluck situation who can’t pay their bills and has been left out to dry by those evil insurance companies?


Written by The Parse

December 10, 2008 at 9:28 pm

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