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HBO to gloss over Hussein’s atrocities?

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HBO has a new miniseries about Saddam Hussein called “House of Saddam” that begins airing tonight.  While I can’t speak to the content of the series itself as I haven’t seen it, a “political chronology” of Saddam on HBO’s website conveniently skips over his gassing (i.e., genocide) of Kurds and deletes everything that happened between 1991 (when Saddam allowed in UN weapons inspectors) and 2002 (when Bush included Iraq in the axis of evil).

Of course, by removing this 11-year chunk of history, HBO also removes many of the numerous UN sanctions Iraq violated, which involved not cooperating with UN inspectors, as well as firing at US aircraft in the no-fly zone.

Who knows what the program itself will depict, but don’t be surprised if the genocidal maniac Hussein is humanized.


Written by The Parse

December 7, 2008 at 12:13 pm

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