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Suicide to save money

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In Montana, a judge has ruled that people have a right to kill themselves with doctor-prescribed medications if they find pain from a terminal illness to be unbearable.  This comes two days after a UCLA doctor said American values such as treating people who are “very ill” aggressively is to blame for “expensive” health care.

Once the “right” to suicide converges with the need to cut costs, we’ll truly be a culture of death.  The “right” will become more of an obligation.  Bureaucrats may decide that in order to save money, care should be cut off in certain situations because to go further doesn’t pass a cost v. benefits test.  After all, terminally ill and many elderly people don’t contribute to the economy, so why should taxpayers have to pay to keep them alive?  This scenario is just another reason to prevent government takeover of health care.


Written by The Parse

December 6, 2008 at 8:41 pm

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