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Obama won’t fix black families

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Kay Hymowitz has an interesting piece on today’s Washington Post site about the decline of the black family in America.  Despite great progress in equal rights for blacks in the past 50 years, Hymowitz writes that that illegitimacy (children born to an unmarried woman) has risen in the black community from about 25 percent in the 1960’s to 70 percent today.  In some black communities, two-parent families have vanished.  Today black households have the lowest median income, though married black households have a median income of 80 percent of that of whites.  The instability of the family has destabilized communities and wrought poverty.

Hymowitz ultimately places hope in Obama to rectify this situation, being that he’s a black father who has scolded his brethren for abandoning their families.  But expecting Obama, who clearly wants government to play a larger role in families’ lives, to change this situation is a stretch.  Unmentioned in the article is the role that welfare programs play in keeping many black people dependent on government and thus without an incentive to be responsible.   There is little reason to stay at home taking care of your family if Uncle Sam (or Uncle Obama) will do it for you.

Also unmentioned is the role of the left in pushing the sexual revolution of the ’60’s and ’70’s, which certainly did not preach fidelity and responsibility.  Could it be that some blacks heard that message?

Liberalism and victimism merchants like Jesse Jackson are more to blame for the plight of the black family than anything else (other than the individuals themselves).


Written by The Parse

December 6, 2008 at 1:15 pm

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