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Hillary at State, part 3

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Now The Wall Street Journal weighs in on the constitutionality of Hillary’s appointment.

Hillary’s sole foreign policy achievements are lying about being shot at in Bosnia and facilitating peace in Ireland.  The media and some Republicans have fallen under a spell that frames Hillary as a perfect pick to be the country’s top diplomat.  In fact, Obama’s selection of Hillary is a major misstep, at least in terms of her competency, its constitutionality and what’s best for the nation.  Politically it works because A) it removes almost any chance she will challenge Obama in ’12 and B) it has successfully entranced enough people that it contributes to the myth that Obama’s supposedly amazing transition will translate into equally amazing governance.  The construction of Obamalot must continue unabated.

UPDATE: Scrutiny picks up, with Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd reported to be exploring the constitutionality of the appointment.


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