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Sidwell School

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Would you send your child to a school that teaches radical environmentalism and transgender “equality”? Barack Obama will. There was much media panting following the election over where the Obamas would send their two girls to school. They settled on Sidwell Friends, a private school that counts other presidential children among its alumni. A lot of pundits focused on the hypocrisy of Obama not supporting school choice via vouchers while choosing a private school for his children, but what do we know about Sidwell Friends school itself?

A brief perusal of their web site finds that Sidwell is doing is darnedest to churn out good little greenies. There is an entire section devoted to “Environmental Stewardship,” including a video of students proclaiming such nonsense like “global warming is mainly caused by lifestyle choices.” Of course, homosexuality is not, which is no doubt pressed into pupils as evidenced by the school having a Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Bisexual, transgender club. Allegedly, this fits in with “core Quaker values” the school was founded on.

Sidwell Friends has links to a leftist Quaker lobbying group called Friends Committee on National Legislation, which, among other radical positions, believes the war in Iraq is a failure, habeas corpus privileges should be extended to terrorists as a “right” and that the U.S. should increase U.N. funding. The group is a hardcore peacenik organization that may be partly behind Obama’s call for a civilian national security force. They are the geniuses behind “War is Not the Answer” bumper stickers and appear to believe that if only the U.S. gutted its military and ceded all its decision-making to the U.N., the world would be full of peace and love.


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  1. Wow, who are these FCNL terrorists and why haven’t we sent them to Gitmo! Treason! Just as our popular president noted at the time, the war in Iraq has been a rousing success. The Supreme Court has gotten soft on given the detainees at Gotmo some “rights” — maybe if we toss these tree-huggers in with them, they’ll see what’s REALLY going on down there. And on the “environment,” they (like those egghead scientists) just don’t get it: global warming isn’t man made so let out free wheeling capitalist system do what it does best!


    December 4, 2008 at 1:01 pm

  2. […] a comment » The peaceniks of FCNL are a-stirrin‘ about my post on the beliefs of the Sidwell School, which the Obama girls will attend.  They admitted to doing […]

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