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Note to al Qaeda: Check the back door

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Rata Tata, the head of the Indian conglomerate that owns the Mumbai Taj Mahal Palace that was overcome by terrorists last week, said the hotel received prior warning that an attack could be coming.  But, he said, nothing could be done that would have stopped the gun-toting Muslims because those sneaky fellas did something nobody would have thought they’d do:

They did not go through the front entrance. All our security arrangements are in the front.

And none of them couldn’t be moved to the back entrance because….?  Don’t get me wrong; I doubt that the hotel’s security brigade would have been able to repel what was obviously an armed-to-the-teeth, military trained death squad.  But seriously, this guy is making a fool of himself by saying these things.


Written by The Parse

December 1, 2008 at 7:11 pm

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