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Obama wants to read your diary

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It doesn’t look like Hillary Clinton or John Kerry will be working in the Obama administration after all.  Why?  Because both have an “affiliation” – that is, have received campaign donations from – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and that runs afoul of question 18 on the Obama administration’s questionnaire for high level jobs.

The question reads:

“Please describe any affiliation you…have or have had with any financial, banking, mortgage or insurance institution that is currently the subject of federal government intervention as part of the ongoing economic crisis.  This question includes…Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac…”

This is just one of many hypocritical and downright unbelievable pieces of information the Obama administration wants its high-level applicants to provide.  Clearly they don’t want any bad press if someone should turn up in their administration who has been involved with Fannie or Freddie…despite the fact that Obama himself ranks second among recipients of campaign donations from both failed organizations.

So, it seems Obama himself doesn’t qualify for a job in the Obama administration.  Obama also wouldn’t pass the question that asks applicants if they have ever had any friends convicted of crimes worse than a minor traffic violation (Tony Rezko?)

Other creepy things Obama wants to know is what you’ve written in your diary and everything you’ve ever written online, including any potentially damaging emails.  Obama also wants to know if applicants have had associations with any person or group who could be used to attack the applicant’s character.  I guess as long as they aren’t any worse than Bill Ayers or ACORN, it’ll be OK.


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