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A not-so-brief hiatus, but The Parse is back and back a day after Americans executed their willingness to be duped by a far-left, quasi-socialist, racist, completely unqualified and anti-American Senator and now soon-to-be president.

For months before the election I read numerous news stories and op-eds arguing from nearly every angle possible why Barack Obama was dangerous and ill-prepared to lead the U.S.  Whether due to his radical associations, far-left voting record, disdain for the Constitution as written, paper-thin resume or left-wing litmus test for judicial nominees, everything I read made it abundantly clear to me that an Obama presidency would be disastrous for the United States and an affront to the values upon which it was founded.

Part of the reason Obama won is that these truths about him were not sufficiently revealed to the American people.  Obama effectively obfuscated his own ideology to the point where many people, including reporters covering him, could not and still cannot explain who he is or what he stands for.  The few things we know about Obama – those things mentioned above – were ignored by media partisans who openly campaigned for Obama to win.

Therefore, most Americans – including Obama supporters – do not know who he is or his guiding principles.  At the very least, they have only a partial view.  The day after Obama’s election, we have very little idea how Obama is going to govern, although those of us, like myself, who took the time to dig beyond the surface coverage of the liberal media have a clearer idea.  But most Americans who voted for him don’t really know who he is or what he’s going to do with any specificity.

So, why would so many people vote to elect someone to the most important job in the world, the most powerful office in the world, when they actually know very little of the truth about him?  The simple answer is that people want to feel good, and Barack Obama’s vapid inanities of “change,” “hope” and “yes we can” make people feel good.  Good about what, who knows?   (Maybe salving liberal white guilt.) But the bottom line is that Obama won on style.  He has little to no substance, and a (rather small) majority of voters yesterday decided they want to submit to emotion, get swept up in repetitive, meaningless catchphrases, and throw rationality and substance to the wind.  Eventually, though, the political slogans, Hollywood-produced rallies and teleprompted speeches will give way to his actions.  Then, we’ll start to know who he really is.


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November 5, 2008 at 8:50 pm

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