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Debate Round 2 (and Ohio shenanigans)

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John McCain did take the gloves off in tonight’s debate like many were predicting, but he did land some solid jabs on Obama.  Nonetheless, he could have made some stronger connections between Obama and the mortgage meltdown, particularly by mentioning Obama’s work for ACORN, which pushed for regulations that caused the crisis.  McCain actually should have drawn these lines in the first debate when the meltdown was red hot.  His recent stump scathing of Obama may be too little, too late. Also, he didn’t once bring up Obama’s radical friends tonight, though given the questions and atmosphere, that may have come across as too cheap.  Regardless, McCain must remove the gloves completely in the final debate, and conventional wisdom would dictate he will if he is trailing.

Other than missing some opportunities to make bigger punches, McCain did well generally.  But, so did Obama (at least in terms of style – his dangerous ideology and distortions are another matter).  With some new polls showing a tightening race after the VP debate, tonight’s event may keep this close.

In other news, Obama election fraud shenanigans continue, with homeless people being rounded up in Ohio to register and vote the same day for – guess who – Obama.


Written by The Parse

October 8, 2008 at 9:25 pm

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