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A new Rasmussen poll released today shows that 59% of Americans agree with Ronald Reagan’s sentiment that “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”  The only group with a plurality who disagreed (46%) was liberals.  Moderates agreed with Reagen’s statement by 61%-25%.

But perhaps most interesting is that 44% of Barack Obama supporters agree that government is the problem (40% disagree).  Why would these voters support Obama, who advocates $900 billion in new government spending, a massive government intrusion into health care, and higher taxes on job-creating businesses?  Either the sentiment that government is the problem is not all that important to those 44% of Obama backers, or they simply are unaware of his Big Government designs.  The latter is probably more likely.

Simply put, Obama is lying to America about what his administration would bring.  He is championing himself as a tax-cutter who is the hero of the middle class.  Somehow the fact that his view of helping the middle class is to grow government has been lost.  Obama’s campaign knows if the facts about what he will do are revealed, he will lose the election.  So they simply lie about their plans.  For instance, in last night’s VP debate Joe Biden claimed that under an Obama administration, tax rates on the wealthy would be no higher than under Reagan.  But under Reagan, the top rate was 28%.  Under Obama, it would rise back to the 39% it was under Clinton.

Democrats often have to present themselves as conservatives, because conservative principles are supported by more Americans than those principles that Obama supports.  Obama will have to raise taxes to pay for his new programs, as well as the $700 billion bailout package that will probably be approved today.  He won’t say that now, but remember that Bill Clinton also promised to cut taxes, and then raised them to historic highs.


Written by The Parse

October 3, 2008 at 9:58 am

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