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The vice presidential debate, like the first presidential debate, was generally a draw.  But this time, a draw benefits the Republican ticket more than the Democratic.

Palin’s expectations were low coming in.  While she gave mostly general, rehearsed answers, she didn’t commit any major mistakes that will hurt McCain.  She came off as less experienced and informed on major issues standing next to Biden, but everyone already knew that going in.  By avoiding any significant gaffes, she has passed her final test before the vote, which may ultimately result in a net gain for McCain.

Biden’s performance, while laced with lies and distortions even about his own record (esp. on Iraq), raises a major question: If Joe Biden dies, will Barack Obama be ready to be president?

Biden clearly has a handle on issues and is ready to give specifics, even if his handle is completely mistaken and his specifics are fallacious.  His appearance of knowledge and experience tower over Obama, who chose his running mate to shore up the readiness gap.  Clearly, whether one agrees with Biden’s stances or not, he has the credentials to be president.  Unfortunately for him, though, he’s not running for that office.


Written by The Parse

October 2, 2008 at 10:00 pm

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