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The American Spectator reports that a Federal Election Commission auditor has raised questions about Obama campaign fund-raising, including illegal and foreign donations, only to be ignored.  The auditor said he believes campaign finance violations have occurred, but the FEC doesn’t want to involve law enforcement authorities “a month before the presidential election.”

Regardless of whether or not Obama’s campaign has broken the law in raising their record-taking haul, the story points to a larger issue that has curiously (like many other things regarding Obama) been ignored by the MSM: money.

During the 2000 election, there was plenty of talk from the media about the staggering sums of money being raised by George W. Bush (and to a lesser extent, Al Gore) and what it all meant for the purity of the democratic political system.  Talk of influence-peddling and buying elections was rampant.

This election, however, has seen little reporting or hand-wringing about the role that money is playing in the process.  Of course, Obama’s side would probably claim that their money is coming mostly from small, individual donations, so it’s naturally a grassroots effort by regular people to purchase the White House for him.  But The New York Times has already dispelled the notion that Obama’s fund-raising is all from the little people.

Where is the widespread shock at the towering figures of money being poured into this campaign?  It was there eight years ago.  Of course, Obama wasn’t.


Written by The Parse

October 2, 2008 at 1:09 pm

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