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Missouri ‘truth squad’ heating up

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Obama’s free speech hit team in Missouri is garnering more attention this morning.  On Fox News, Gov. Matt Blunt defended his press release that attacked the Obama campaign for threatening legal action against groups that air ads with which they disagree.  The Obama ‘truth squad’ that is tasked with making the threats includes Missouri public servants, such as sheriffs and prosecutors, who say they are simply responding to so-called misleading ads.  It was first reported on here.

After Blunt spoke, an Obama hand came on and defended the group, even as the program host read a letter the group had sent to a TV station, hinting that it was in violation of FCC licensing rules for airing NRA ads that presumably attack Obama’s stances on guns.  The Obama campaign person said the ‘truth squad’ was to prevent people from ‘lying’ about the candidate’s record.

Ironically, the person on Fox had lied about Obama’s gun record only seconds before.  Prior to the Supreme Court’s decision that overturned Washington, DC’s gun ban, Obama’s campaign had said he “believes the DC handgun law is constitutional.”  And yet, the Obama robot on Fox said Obama supports law-abiding citizens’ right to possess guns.  It should be noted that the Obama campaign disavowed the statement regarding the DC gun ban, saying it was ‘in-artful.’  Note they didn’t say it was incorrect.  Obama’s record in Illinois is decidedly anti-gun, including an endorsement of an all-out ban on handguns.  And his campaign has the nerve to say he supports gun rights now?

Apparently the Obama campaign needs its own truth squad.  They are lying and obfuscating at least as much as any of his opponents.


Written by The Parse

September 29, 2008 at 9:06 am

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  1. The letters sent to the stations concerning the NRA ads demonstrates the contempt Obama has for freedom of speech.

    Michael Ejercito

    September 29, 2008 at 12:34 pm

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