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Broder says media bias doesn’t exist

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Longtime political reporter David Broder says there is no serious problem with bias in American political reporting.

Perhaps Broder has been in the game for so long he fails to recognize bias when it is painfully blatant – just as it has been throughout much of the current presidential campaign and was during the 2006 elections.

As journalism veterans such as Bernard Goldberg will tell us, it’s not that reporters in the MSM consciously spin things to the left.  Rather, they are laregly leftwing themselves and as such see the world through a leftist philosophy.  While many of them may attempt to remove bias and be objective in the course of their reporting, it is impossible to completely divorce ideology from the process.  For instance, story selection is strongly driven by ideology (among other factors), as is what is emphasized in a story.  Some stories that deserve attention are ignored because the leftwing ideology of many reporters simply prevents them from seeing them as newsworthy.  Additionally, they also frame stories based on their ideology, whether they realize this or admit it.

I can say from my experience, many people who go into the journalism field are highly ideological.  Some want to ‘make a difference’ through their work or ‘change the world’.  Ironically, the partisan passion that drives many into the news business also has no place in the news business – at least as long as journalism purports to be fair and balanced.


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September 26, 2008 at 8:19 pm

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