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Perhaps under threat from Sarah Palin plucking female voters from him, Barack Obama is now stoking sexism in an effort to win them back.  Unfortunately, something like this just might work, because women are primarily emotional beings who often make decisions based on feelings rather than facts or reality.

At an Obama rally today, Obama castigated John McCain for supposedly thinking that so-called wage inequality is the result of lack of training and education, rather than discrimination.  What else could it be?  Anyone who feels they aren’t getting their “fair share” are ripe for demagoguery and the politics of fear that Obama pushes.

The facts are another matter, though.  The so-called wage inequality that exists between men and women is due more to factors of basic economics (a field liberals and Obama don’t understand) than to discrimination.  For instance, many women earn less than men because they leave the working world to raise children.  When they re-enter the work force, they may not be worth as much as when they left because their skills have lapsed.  Leaving the work force also puts the brakes on the natural progression of wage increases that are generally experienced by workers (both men and women) who work continuously.

Another factor is that many women choose fields that just don’t pay as much as many fields chosen by men.  Teaching and nursing are but two examples.

So when women as a whole are compared with men, women are at a disadvantage – but not because of discrimination.  Still, Obama will fan these flames, just as he fuels those of racism and class warfare, all in an attempt to win votes.  A man who is so shameful as to exploit these emotions is unworthy of the presidency – or any elected office.


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September 19, 2008 at 5:00 pm

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