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McCain on “The View”

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John McCain was attacked by the wonderful ladies of “The View” this morning.  I still don’t understand why he made the appearance.  Certainly McCain is bright enough to know that he’s walking into a lioness den when he steps onto “The View” set.  Unfortunately the talk show circuit has become a requirement in modern campaigning, though.

The hostile questioning from Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg came fast and furious.  There wasn’t any doubt whom these ladies will be voting for in November.

The most outlandish comments/questions came from Behar and Goldberg.  Behar brought up a couple of new McCain ads, one of which attacks Barack Obama for advocating sex education for kindergartners.  Behar said the ad was untrue.  The only thing untrue was Behar’s accusation.

As ABC reported last year, Obama has indeed gone on the record stating sex education for 5-year-olds is “the right thing to do.”

Goldberg was apparently trying out for dumbest question of the year during a discussion on McCain’s abortion stance.  After saying he supports the appointment of judges who strictly interpret the Constitution and do not legislate from the bench, Goldberg asked if that meant she had to become a slave.

McCain appeared unprepared for this and in apparent fear of gaffing, simply said, “I understand your point.”

Well, I don’t.  And neither should anyone who has read the Constitution (and isn’t trying to appease leftwing voters).

Whoopi apparently isn’t familiar with the 13th Amendment which outlawed slavery in the US.  She also apparently doesn’t understand that there is nothing in the Constitution mentioning abortion, and certainly not a right to have one.  And yet she tried to draw a parallel between the two issues, as though strict interpretation of the Constitution would require ignoring the 13th Amendment and a return to slave ownership.

There was also anti-religion handwringing from Whoopi.  She’s afraid Sarah Palin will become a theocratic ruler should McCain not be able to serve.  Of course Obama, who wears his religion on his sleeve and has made plenty of statements that sound like something you’d hear from the pulpit on a Sunday morning, would never be challenged on this matter by Whoopi or other leftists.

The first video below includes Behar’s lie.  The second has Whoopi’s attacks.


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September 12, 2008 at 8:35 pm

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